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At Delaneys Opticians, we are dedicated to providing top-quality eye care services to the community of Limerick. Our team of experienced optometrists and vision care professionals are committed to meeting your visual needs and ensuring your eye health remains in optimal condition.

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Sight Tests & Eye Health

Eye tests are essential for maintaining clear and healthy vision. Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled optometrists perform thorough examinations.

Contact Lens Fitting

Interested in contact lenses? Our experts will guide you through the process, ensuring a comfortable fit and helping you achieve clear vision without compromising on style.

Myopia Management

Are you experiencing near-sightedness, our dedicated myopia management program can help slow down its progression and preserve your visual health.

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eyes can be uncomfortable and affect your daily activities. We offer dry eye treatments and recommendations to relieve your symptoms and improve eye comfort.

Claim your free PRSI or Medical Card eye test

Before confirming your appointment our staff can check to see if you’re eligible for a free eye test.

Brand Partners

Get FREE 1 HOUR Car Parking in the City Centre Car Park just across from our premises in Thomas Street with each Eye Test.